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Tour Raid is run by an enthusiastic bunch of young people - for anyone looking for fun and action between the ages of 12 and 45 years old.

We are based near to Portimão and we operate in the mountains of Monchique and across to the western coast of Sagres.

Motoraid Try driving a scramble motorbike over rough terrain in the mountains of Monchique. Experience the freedom of steep hills, river valleys, dirt and stone tracks, and the incredible views. We provide a 250 cc. TTR bike, the gasoline, insurance, and even a souvenir as a memory. All you need is a current Motorbike Licence and the spirit of adventure

surf.jpg (1148 bytes) Surf & Bodyboard is another exciting sport and our qualified instructors will teach you quickly. We will take you to the western Algarve where you will find hidden beaches. We supply all the equipment and training so you have an unforgettable day. On these beautiful beaches you decide whether to spend hours surfing or in-between take a nap on the sand!

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seafun.jpg (1229 bytes) Sea Fun – there is no other way to describe it! On board a "Bayliner Reendezvous" we take you for an exhilarated day out. Firstly its a trip along the coast or up a river, then a wide choice of either water skiing, wake boarding, or a ride on a water scooter. During the day you can swim, fish, snorkel, or just enjoy the onboard bar whilst you view the world through our binoculars. A great trip for the whole family.

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Paintball Our game is a great way to have fun and meet people at the same time. You become involved in a real life game demanding quick reactions and strategic thinking. This game involves emotion and pumps your adrenaline. Two teams compete against each other to win an objective and each player is provided with all the "authentic gear" and 100 "Paintballs" to use in their guns. Sounds fun – you should try it!

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Tour Raid
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