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(#245) Stormoff
Russia - Moscow
Regional Representative in Portugal-medical equipment.Our idea is to cooperate with trading companies from other countries, such as African countries, European countries etc. Our partner companies would sell the same product range under the same brand name (Dixion) in their own countries. Our aim is first to create our own design for Dixion products which requires some investments, and second increase the sales volume of Dixion all over the world which would help to protect ourselves against the unpredictable policy of manufacturers. Coming to an agreement with similar companies from different countries would help us two achieve these two aims.
Dixion local representative: main responsibilities

The main task:
development of active sales and maintainance of the stable growth of the sales volume for Dixion medical equipment within the country`s territory.

The representative should:

1. analyze the medical market of the country, fill in the questionnaire; monitor the market on a regular basis (each 3 months), inform of the market changes and trends.
2. search for potential partners – Dixion distributors, carry out negotiations, achieve positive results for Dixion`s sake, conclude contracts for sales, promotion, trainings, service and repair of the medical equipment and control fulfillment of obligations under these contracts. Regular all the arising questions. Control the contract fulfillment on all stages and levels. Follow the recommendations (concerning partners) from the head-office (recommendations are worked out on basis of the questionnaire).
3. prepare all the necessary documents for Dixion sales within the territory. The list of papers includes: licenses, registration certificates, all the documents which are necessary for equipment sales on the country`s territory (according to the questionnaire`s results).
4. gather information (terms, service prices) from transport agents, customs brokers, warehouses – on purpose to choose the best way of delivery, customs clearance and storage of the goods. Analyze the gathered information. Inform the head office of the results. Take part in the choice of future partners (together with the head office). Control cooperation of Dixion with the above mentioned firms.
5. point out the sources of legal information. Give contact data of 5 large legal firms (from different price categories)/offer the solicitor`s contacts, who can coordinate all legal procedures and consult in law questions. Inform the head office of all changes, which directly influence Dixion business.
6. Dixion brand promotion on the territory. Carry out presentations for trade companies and end customers – doctors, opinion leaders, etc. Carry out Dixion advertising and promo-actions (according to the head office request). Take part in medical conferences, congresses, etc., which influence the brand promotion (round table sessions of chief doctors, for instance).
7. Work out recommendations for the head-office concerning the necessary steps for Dixion promotion on the market. Coordinate all mutual activities with the head office. Work out recommendations for the necessary advertising materials. Constant control of materials availability.
8. Perspective for the future: create Dixion branch on the territory.