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(#212) digitizing and designing in textile industry
Ana Micic
Serbia - Belgrade
Work in textile industy using Hyperstitch and Wilcom programs, design new pictures for stitching..

Date of birth: 16th December 1977 in Belgrade


1) Higher Polytechnic School in Belgrade, department of graphic design. Graduated in 1999 on subject
"Appliance of computers in making posters for design studio". As a basis for degree work,
a photography was used which was manipulated by computer programs.

2) Technical faculty "Mihajlo Pupin" in Zrenjanin - since 2006 third grade student of computer application in business; department of web design, concentrating towards multimedia.

Professional involvments:

- During 1996, part-time work in animation studio "BIKIC".

- near the end of 2001, involved in project "Speaking Serbian" in programming studio "Root Systems" as a designer.

- Since 2000, employed full-time as a graphics designer and punching digitizer in making computer
programs for embroiding machines

Involvments in projects and workshops:

1996. in the Cultural Center "Stari Grad", participated in web design workshops, video works on subject of
relationships in society with expert help of Dragutin Cvetkovic and director Predrag Sindjelic

1997. Assistent in catalogue realization and preparation of inkstand(tartufs mushhrooms) exposition...
Exposition was organized in gallery 12+, with producer Predrag Sindjelic as a project author.

1997. Participated in the visual art colony on Stara Planina, organized by Ministry of sport and culture,
and after that, participation in collective exposition of works from the above mentioned colony in Dom Vojske Jugoslavije.

1998. Participated for the second time (by invitation) in the visual art colony on Stara Planina organized by Ministry of sport and culture.

2001. Participatied in photography workshop "KALEIDOSKOP 2", with subject "TRASA" (the railroad was used as a basic motif). Project author Vesna Pavlovic, coordinators Aleksandar Kelic and Andreja Leko. In
December of the same year, collective exposition of works from the workhop in "PAVILJON VELJKOVIC" (CZKD)

2002. In April, exposition of works in competition "ART TECH" (computer-processed photography for wall paper) organized by studio "BOZIC I SINOVI" from Pancevo.

2002. In October, participated in second "ART TECH" competition (by invitation). Display of computer-processed photographs.

2002-2003 - photo workshop coordinator in project "PRAVO DA ZNAM", organized by UNICEF and JAZAS youth;
of which the results were shown on September exposition in SKC gallery

2004 (22.01.-29.01.) - Independent exposition in the VIP gallery of SKC - prints of computer-processed
photographs. Communication as a problem of the modern society, shown through transport and railroad, was used as a basis.

2004 (17.10.-27.10.) - participated in the exposition "Prvi septembarski salon" in the VIP gallery of SKC.

2005 (14.04.-24.04.) - Video work PYRO, as a part of "APRILSKI SUSRETI" in SKC

Computer programs which I actively use: Hyper 9.0, CorelPhotoPaint, AdobePhotoShop, as well as basic
knowledge of Word and CorelDraw.

Other languages: english, russian
Has B category driver's license
Plans: Perfection in activites comprised by my education (graphic design and photography), by staying
current with the latest technology.

Work Expericence
Eight years in stitch digitizing center. working with "HyperStitch" and "Wilcom" stitch programs.(tajima,exp,dst,melco,emb formats)