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License: An approved translation of a valid driver's license or and international driving permit.
Minimum rental age: 23
Traffic flow: right side

Distances between each Tourist Town in Kms.

Distances in Kms
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Speed Limits

Selectedd Built-up (Urban) areas: 20 km/h = 30 mph
Built-up (Urban) areas: 50 km/h = 12 mph
Other (Rural) roads: 90 km/h = 54 mph
Motorways: 120 km/h = 72 mph - (minimum 50 km/h = 30 mph)

Inside Urban area - excess of less than 20 kms = Fine up to 300.00
Inside Urban area - excess of 20 to 40 kms = Fine up to 600.00
Inside Urban area - excess of 40 to 60 kms = Fine up to 1,500.00
Inside Urban area - excess of 60 kms = Fine up to 2,500.00
Rural roads - excess of less 30 kms = Fine up to 300.00
Rural roads - excess of 30 to 60 kms = Fine up to 600.00
Rural roads - excess of 60 to 80 kms = Fine up to 1,500.00
Rural roads - excess of 80 kms = Fine up to 2,500.0


"On the Spot" Traffic Fines are now applied. Police may demand immediate payment either in cash or using a Credit Card.

Documents relating to the car and its Insurance must be kept in the vehicle.
All passenger seat belts must be worn at all times when seated in a vehicle.
All vehicles must carry within the interior of the car a legal reflector vest. This must be worn by any person investigating or carrying out repairs when outside the vehicle and the vehicle is stationary on the road.
All vehicles must carry an authorized triangle which must be displayed on the road to warn rear approaching oncoming drivers that your vehicle has problems.
Roads and un-motorized vehicles are not well lit at night, so drive with caution.
Children under 12 years old are prohibited from sitting in the front seat and are required to be fastened in the appropriate style chairs for their age in the back.
Baby and booster seats are required by law up to age of twelve and they must be used with their fastening system when travelling.
At the junction of two roads of equal size, traffic coming from the right has priority unless otherwise signified.
Vehicles already in a traffic circle have priority over those about to enter.
The only road users that can use the right-hand lane at a roundabout are those that are taking the first next exit to the right. Everyone else must use the inner lane i.e. if going straight ahead or turning left. The fine if you get this new wrong manoeuvre is between 60 and 300.
Vehicles parked on pavements other when permitted as indicated by signs, are subject to the vehicle being impounded for a period of one month up to one year.
Use of mobile phones when driving is illegal and subject to a fine. Mobile phone and i-Pod headphones with two earpieces are banned but those with a single earpiece are still allowed. Double earpieces are banned totally with fines up to 600.00.
Throwing objects or litter out of cars are subject to a fine of up to 300.00
Parking cars facing against the flow of the traffic is illegal.
Crossing white lines, jumping red lights, ignoring policemen signals, all are subject to losing a licence to drive from two months up to one year.
Passing another vehicle on their right side then the driver can be fined up to 1,250.00.
Drivers must remain at the scene of any accident involving death or serious injury until Police arrive.
Drivers failing to respect for "Stop" signs can lead to a fine of up to 2.500.00.
Driving below 50 Kms on Motorways can be fined up to 300.00.
Speed limits are enforced by radar traps and unmarked police cars.
A driver's blood alcohol level is not allowed to exceed 0.05 percent and the penalties are extremely stiff and high amounts may include time in prison of up to 2 years and a fine of 2,500.00. Exceeding the limit by 0.5% to 0.8 % is a fine of 1.250.00 and temporary loss of licence. From 0.8% to 1.2% is 2,500.00 plus loss of licence. Exceeding the limit of 1.5% is subject to immediate imprisonment.
Driving a vehicle without Insurance carries a fine of up to 2,500.00.
All fines are subject under law to immediate payment. At the discretion of the law officer the vehicle can be seized until such payment is recorded.


CDW - Collision Damage Waiver
If CDW is applicable then the deductible is between 450.00 and 750.00 but can be higher depending on vehicle involved.
PAI - Personal Accident Insurance
Coverage: 5.00 per day.
Public Liability / Property Damage Limit:
Unlimited Coverage.
Glass/Tire Policy
Glass and tires are in some cases covered unless the damage is due to negligence.